Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre

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Opening Ceremony of Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre

As another significant step of Buddhist meditation Association of Australia efforts to disseminate Dhamma, Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre with the leadership of Ven. I. G. Pasadika Thero will be established at 140, McLean Rd, Bundoora under the patronage of Sri Kalyani Yogashrama Forest Monastic Tradition of Sri Lanka.The inaugural event will be held on Wednesday the 11th of November at 6.00 pm with the presence of most Ven. Maha Sangha in Melbourne and Sri Lanka. As the preliminary stage, our centre will be a Monk’s residence and an online broadcasting station for meditation programmes which in the near future will be moved to a suitable location and premises away from existing Buddhist Centres.Since then the newly established centre will serve as a Monks residence and Centre for online teaching and practice of meditation in both English & Sinhala Online broadcasting station supporting dhamma learning, research, and meditation practices.Centre with an ability and an approach to provide resources for dhamma & meditation needs of the multicultural community.For residential meditation practice needs until such time a suitable premises is established, we have got the kind and most respected patronage of Ven. Wegodapola Wimalagnana Maha Thero to utilise facilities of Bhaddeka Viharee Aranya Senansana, at 1855 Westernport Rd, Ripplebrrok Vic 3818 which is another branch of Kalyani Yogashrama Forest Monastery in Sri Lanka.The inaugural opening of Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre will be broadcasted online at 6 pm on Wednesday the 11the of November.
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