Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre

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2022 Wassana Invitation Ceremony

2022 Vas Aradhana Ceremony

Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre Vas Aradhana 2022

Vas Aradhana is the practice of monastics rains retreat which starts each year on the full moon of July and ends on the full moon of October. This is a tradition that was passed down from the time of the Buddha.

Devotees officially invite monastics to observe this retreat for three months. During this period, devotees pledge to provide four requisites (food and drinks, clothes, shelter, and medication). In return, they get an opportunity to listen to the Dhamma and practice meditation with monastics.

At the end of the three months, Robe Offering Ceremony is being held. Devotees get a wonderful opportunity to offer a special robe called Kathina

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