Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre


Dhamsuwa Meditation Centre

The offerings made to the Sanghas are a great deed that will bring great results for you and your loved ones. Not only that, by contributing to this wholesome act, you will support the community who would like to attend short or residential meditation programmes in a quiet retreat.

Please direct your generous donations to:

Operating Fund

Donations to the Operating Fund are used to cover the day-to-day costs of running the monastery.

BSB Number013 723
Account Number473 312 792

We appreciate your generosity.

Your donation will primarily be used for the establishment of the proposed Dhamsuwa Meditation Monastery and for the daily expenditure of the centre.

By clicking on the form, you can choose your donation type. That includes, monthly recurring donations, reserve a date from the calendar to cover all the expenses of the Monastery (which is calculated to be around $300 per day) or you can donate any amount to cover utility bills, Medical and travel expenses.

May your generosity be a cause for your lasting happiness, great health, prosperity and ultimate liberation!

Building Fund

Donations to the Dhamsuwa Building Fund will be dedicated for purchasing a suitable land and building cost.

BSB Number083 004
Account Number93 679 6405

We appreciate your generosity.

Under the patronage of Sri Kalyani Yogashrama Samstha Forest Monastic Tradition, we have decided to raise necessary financial contribution to purchase a suitable land for the proposed Dhamsuwa Monastery.

Please write your name in the info field. You can set a direct debit arrangement with your bank using the above account details.

It is a kind notice to the benevolent devotees...

We kindly request you to inform your loved ones about this great opportunity.